Being a member of our Dance Company is by audition only and consists of advanced individuals who are committed to a higher level of dance training.  Dancers will have the opportunity to participate in additional performances and competitions each year.

Interested in auditioning?:
Our 2018-2019 auditions will be on Monday, 6/18 & Tuesday, 6/19 at our studio.  Current Company Dancers ages 11 & under must re-audition - ages 12 & over please still fill out an audition form at the front desk.  Prospective students ages 12 & up may schedule a private audition.  Solo audition invitations will be emailed in mid-May.

Monday, 6/18:  PREP CLASSES

5:30pm-6:30pm - Ages 5-7 Group Audition Prep (Jazz)

5:30pm-6:30pm - Ages 8-11 Group Audition Prep (Jazz)

Tuesday, 6/19:  AUDITIONS - Please wear a black leotard with shorts and hair in a bun.  No makeup required.

4-5pm - Ages 5-7 Group Auditions (Jazz)

5-6pm - Ages 5-10 Solo Auditions * Invite Only
6-7pm - Ages 8-11 Group Auditions (Jazz)
7pm - Ages 11+ Solo Auditions * Invite Only

ALL soloists must come prepared with their own routine and their own music (8-10 cts of 8).  Teachers are happy to help recommend a genre for the audition.

*OUR INTENSIVE THIS SUMMER is not mandatory for company students, however we will be teaching ALL routines for our next competition season to decide which groups should perform them.


Dance Intensity prides itself on instilling an appreciation for other dancers and their studios.  We share a common passion in the dance world and do not compete to beat others, only to better ourselves.  We believe that competing motivates our dancers and staff by exposing them to the highest caliber of talent available and allows us to produce the best dancers possible!


The benefits of being a Dance Company member goes far beyond the rewards of dancing, performing and competing.  Being a dancer builds confidence, social skills, increased self-esteem and the ability to communicate well in a group.  These skills can lead to a variety of career routes and are extremely valuable traits to have as an individual.  Dance Intensity's Dance Company members also build lifelong friendships through the solid foundation of their many hours spent together training and competing.  Dancers learn the value of teamwork, how to trust, depend and rely on each other, which are all important lessons they will carry with them in any path they choose to take in life.

Performing at a Boston Celtics Game in 2017!